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Our delicious tamales are made fresh daily, homemade style. Very rich in flavor. it is the family recipe that goes back for generations which helps make Rico’s Tamales the best tamales in the whole Northern California! We offer a variety of tamales: Pork, Chicken, Beef, Veggie, and of course Sweet Pineapple.

Tamales originated in pre-Columbian mexico and Central America - possibly as early as 7000 BCE -- when native warriors required a sustaining food that could be pre-cooked, packed off the battlefield and warmed up as needed. They were filled with chilies, chocolate, fish, turkey, rabbit, beans, fruit, nuts  and just about anything else they could eat. Today, regions of Mexico are known for different varieties: pineapple and corn in sinaloa, pork and chicken in Vekracruz, beans with mole sauce in Oaxaca, red chilies in Monterey, and chicken and tomatoes in Yucatan. Because the cooking process is complicated and labor intensive, tamales are traditionally prepared in large numbers and were often served only on special occasions and holidays. But now, you can have tamales anytime. Just give us a call!

“I tried the chicken first - Divine. And then the pork - Even Better. I had to have more, and ended up with a dozen to go.”
-Henri Bourride

Chico News & Review Best of Chico - 2008 Editor’s Pick for Best Reason to go to the Farmer’s Market!

“Rio’s (formerly Rosarito’s) tamales are better than most. They offer veggie, chicken, pork, and pineapple. The corn wrap was firm, but not dry. For those who are looking for a meal with aa variety and variety and flair check out Rico’s Tamales.”
-Starving College Student

“Our Tamales sell out fast - You can get them at the Thursday Night or Saturday’s Farmer’s Market or call ahead for delivery!”
- Antonio Flores

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